"Michael SG is one of LA’s hidden gems. He is a composer, multi instrumentalist, and lyricist who writes songs that reflect passions from the romantic to the obscure. Touring across the country reaching out to fans sleeping in many a truck stop along the way has always been Michael’s creed.  .That dedication got him to play Southern California’s very own Angel Stadium.  Johnny Cash’s infamous quote “Lose the Facade” are words Michael lives and performs by. Rock, Blues, Country, & even experimental compositions layer his records. Although Michael started out his musical life playing the clarinet & sax in an orchestral setting, he’s now a maestro of the guitar and a soulful vocalist.  Being identified as a songwriter is first and foremost.  Michael embodies the belief that his purpose is to service an idea and see it through to its highest potential. You can hear this dedication to composition and his unique ability to write in a diverse range of genres that speak to universal truths. For Michael each song begins with a magical spark of inspiration that can come from a person, idea, or situation that sets him off on a divine path to Dance with the Muse. His passion for creating music doesn’t end with composition, it only just begins. He seeks to evoke one integral spiritual belief - that all things are connected - something many have said to experience at his live shows “Tribal Connection”. It is Michael’s life calling to share his music with his listeners around the world. He has done so claiming Los Angeles as a home base from whence he can record with his kick ass band in best and most historic studios. His band mates are an incredible group of musicians who have recorded and gone on tour with many major label artists.  Each record is blessed with Grammy award winning engineers to capture what Michael hears and produces in his head.  A village of artists with the main goal is “to get it right” “that intangible thing“.  With just one listen to Michael’s music you can feel the passion he has poured into his craft, the love he feels for those around him, and the drive to make the world a better place, one song at a time."

Come Join The Tribe.